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Discounted Programme bundles added, also Manchester United Programme Bundle
Discounted Programme bundles added, also Manchester United Programme Bundle
FAQs when Supplying Artwork for Printing

FAQs when Supplying Artwork for Printing

What Files Tyle to Use?
Ideally Print Quality PDF file in running order, don't output as booklet our pre-press software will do that. Include just Crop/Cut Marks set 3mm away (if using InDesign default is less then 3mm so change as outputting PDF). Include 3mm Bleed. No need for registration marks, Printer's marks, document title etc.

What is Bleed?
Bleed is the extra print area that goes beyond the Crop/Cut size. This makes the chance of white edges showing when cut to finished size.
Example: A5 Leafet or Programme is cut to 148mm Wide x 210mm High, the Bleed is 3mm so size including bleed is 154mm Wide x 216mm High.

Keep Text Away from the Page Edge
Don't put any text or important content to the edge of the page as this may be cut off when trimming or bookleting. Save distance is atleast 5mm from edge.

When submitting artwork set up artwork to the finished size. When designing a booklet make sure all the pages the correct size.
Business Card 85mm Wide x 55mm High (With Bleed 91mm Wide x 61mm High)
A6 105mm Wide x 148mm High (With Bleed 111mm Wide x 154mm High)
A5 148mm Wide x 210mm High (With Bleed 154mm Wide x 216mm High)
A4 210mm Wide x 297mm High (With Bleed 216mm Wide x 303mm High)
A3 297mm Wide x 420mm High (With Bleed 303mm Wide x 426mm High)

Colour Type?
We print in CMYK so ideally design your artwork in CMYK. If artwork is supplied as RGB then it will be converted to CMYK which may alter the original colour.

Number of Pages for a Programme
Remember a booklet/Programme need to be in multiples of 4 pages.
Example: 16 Pages, 20 Pages, 24 Pages, 28 Pages, 32 Pages etc

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